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SELECTED Gratitude
SELECTED Gratitude
SELECTED Gratitude
SELECTED Gratitude





Gratitude is a fabulous “go with anything” bracelet in gray, white and brass hues, wrapping three times around your wrist to fit just right. This trendy piece will satisfy all styles with its versatile look and easy application. There are three brass, cross accent beads spaced between matte and iridescent beads for subtle contrast. Wear this piece daily as a call to trust and show gratitude in the Lord’s plan for your life!

Thanking God glorifies and magnifies Him, but it also benefits us by focusing on the Lord’s generosity. Our days can be filled with stress and expectations that weigh us down, but these situations don’t have to distract us from seeing and receiving God’s grace.  

When we bring our concerns to the Lord, the burden shifts to Him and His peace comes to us. Philippines 4:6-7