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SELECTED Mysticism
SELECTED Mysticism
SELECTED Mysticism
SELECTED Mysticism
SELECTED Mysticism





Sparkling with radiance, this crocheted necklace made in Haiti features Czech beads, a cut glass charm and a hammered silver cross. 

Christian Mysticism is the knowledge and personal experience of God's presence.  Christ promised, "If a man loves me, he will keep my Word: and my Father will love him, and we will come to him, and make our home in him."  John 14:23.

What an amazing Bible verse to go with this beautiful necklace, God has a home for all. 

Three young women with Helping Haitian Angels are making the Mysticism necklace for CB Jewelry: Luciana Dornevil, Fanise Eustache and Michel Danise. 

Jewelry making is a valuable, always in demand, skill that can lift Haitians out of poverty.  We are focused on creating opportunity and investing in people in our village and community.  Our jewelry-making program provides women with the practical skills they need to find and participate in meaningful work to support themselves and their families.  The money they make means their children don’t need to go to an orphanage.  Their small business income is used to feed their families, send their children to school, pay for medical treatment, provide a safe place to live and so much more.  Fanise and Matiani live with us at Kay Anj.  Fanise is a mama and is responsible for 8 girls ages 1-17.  Michel Danise has lived with us for 8 years and is 18 years old.  She is gifted creatively and has some of the highest grades in her high school class.  Luciana lived with us for 8 years and moved out at 21 to take care of her father and sick uncle. She is married now and has a baby boy. She and her husband struggle daily to make ends meet and are grateful for the opportunity to work with CB Jewelry.

Helping Haitian Angels’ (HHA) mission is to care for orphaned and abandoned children, “Angels” in Haiti, by raising them to become happy, successful members of their communities who will have the tools to positively impact future generations. HHA achieves this by providing for the overall development of the children in their care. HHA ensures the children’s basic needs are met, which includes nutritious food, clean water and a safe and comfortable home. HHA also provides for the children’s physical, spiritual, emotional, and academic well-being. HHA consistently strives to strengthen its understanding of the Haitian people and develop long-lasting relationships through mutual respect and effective communication.

A portion of sales from this necklace is donated back to HHA.