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SELECTED WWP ~ Blaze Bracelets
SELECTED WWP ~ Blaze Bracelets
SELECTED WWP ~ Blaze Bracelets
SELECTED WWP ~ Blaze Bracelets

WWP ~ Blaze Bracelets




Walking With Purpose is now offering blaze youth bracelets. They are fun to blaze through the summer as a great reminder of Christ's love.  SET THE WORLD ON FIRE! Now is the time to help our youth to remember who they are.  These sweet bracelets come in a set of four or buy your favorite color.  The pink has a bronze Blaze charm on them, stating "set the world on fire."  The teal has a heart representing Christ's love for us. The yellow has a silver cross, and the orange has a gold cross, reminding us how God gave us His only son. 

Your identity is rooted in Christ as God's chosen, beloved daughter. 

"Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire."  St. Catherine of Siena