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This beautiful Wedgwood blue elastic band bracelet is simple but dignified, like the lives of the saints and Mary. Though the challenges of their lives varied, they all had in common a simple focus: to be pleasing in the eyes of God and to dignify His Name in all ways possible. This bracelet measures approximately 6.5 inches and comes with a St. Michael guardian angel charm or a Miraculous Mary oxidized silver medal.

Mary is called a spiritual mother, for she conceives, gives birth, and nurtures the spiritual lives of grace for each person. All Grace, she is everpresent at the side of each person, giving nourishment and hope, from the moment of spiritual birth at Baptism to the moment of death. In art, Mary is traditionally portrayed in blue, let the blue stone remind you of her. 

"An angel is someone who helps you believe in miracles again.”  Mother Teresa


 *The colors of the beads in this bracelet can vary significantly.