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History & Our Story


CB Jewelry formerly, Christian Bling was created by a group of mothers and daughters looking for a way to share their faith in a beautiful and meaningful way. They partnered with their daughters and all had their own personal stories of why they were involved, but the CEO, April Nagel was the lead in starting this business because of her personal life changing story, this life changing event lead her ultimately to create Christian Bling as her mission, which was to tell the world about Jesus. She left a true legacy with Christian Bling, as the new owners we are so grateful to continue the legacy for all the mothers and daughters not only in the Christian Bling company but for all mothers, daughters and women in the world. To continue to tell the world about Jesus Christ through the jewelry.



    Our Story                                                                                                                  

We were brought together by the sisterhood of Christian Bling and we are humbled to continue the business.  Both being passionate about carrying on the mission and legacy was the bond that made the partnership.   

We believe God's word is alive and CB Jewelry is a vehicle in which it can be shared. Our hope is to give women the opportunity to share and encourage other women by gifting them with a gift that has meaning; help rejoice in a celebration or help heal a hurting heart.  We also want women to dig into her personal jewelry box, grab a piece of jewelry that reminds her of God’s promises.