We do many fundraisers and have donated over $150,000 through fundraisers and custom pieces. Want to share our mission?

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Become an Ambassador

Have your own business sharing God's word. We have Ambassadors throughout the US to represent CB Jewelry. We are not a direct marketing/sales company. Depending on what you sell will determine whether you are a Brand Ambassador or an Ambassador 

  • Website fee must be paid $75.00 for the year 
  • Automatic 15% off of all products immediately & 15% of commission is given right away 
  • If you purchase $500 in Jewelry $874.00 in retail value you becom a *Brand Ambassador and recieve 30% in commission and 40% in start up line and any futrue new line. 

 * must maintain quartly goal to continue benefits of a Brand Ambassador 

Let the stories be shared and the fun begin, join our sisterhood 

Start your business today click here  

 For  more questions about becoming a Brand Ambassador/Ambassador  contact us at cbjewelry18@gmail.com   843.302.6419