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SELECTED Blossom Unique One
SELECTED Blossom Unique One
SELECTED Blossom Unique One
SELECTED Blossom Unique One

Blossom Unique One




Make any outfit bloom with this 14K gold plated ( long lasting) wire choker that is versatile and it comes with the 14K gold plated ( long lasting) cross that looks like the 4 beautiful crowns in a cross.   You can change this cross and put your own charm on it.   The choker is approximately  5 inch in diameter. We have a S/M size 4.5 to 5 inches and a M/L 5 to 5.5 inches. The cross is approximately 2 inch in length. Each cross is had made and is unique and different to the other. 

When you have faith you will blossom and have a beautiful life in joy and happiness abundantly! 

This piece can take up to 2 weeks to ship. 

“Even the wilderness and desert will be glad in those days. The wasteland will rejoice and blossom with spring crocuses. Yes, there will be an abundance of flowers and singing and joy!"  Isaiah 35: 1-2